Frequently Asked Questions

Question :Do you provide In-Home TV Service and Repair?

Answer :Yes, we do. We specialize in On-Site Telivision Service and Repair. In rare situations your TV might require a special diagnostic or special repair considerations, such as a picture tube replacement, plasma or LCD panel replacement, troubleshooting on component level, major power supply or high voltage failure. In such cases we would pick up your TV and deliver it after it has been repaired. There is no extra charge for pick up and delivery

Question :Do you guarantee that my TV will work after repair?

Answer :We guarantee out-of-warranty repairs for 30 days for labor and 90 days for parts. Some parts are covered by the manufacturer for 365 days. We utilize OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ordered from the factory directly or from factory authorized electronic parts distributors only.

Question :I have an old TV that does not work properly. How do I determine if it is still worthy to fix it?

Answer :Please call or contact our expert technician to provide you with repair costs and estimates to better help you make an informed decision.

Question :What brands do you work on?

Answer :We service all major television brands - Sony, JVC, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Hitachi.

Question :Are you a Factory Authorized Service Provider?

Answer :Yes, we are. TVS Brothers is Sony, JVC and Sharp Authorized Service Center. We provide warranty repair and service on those brands.

Question :My TV works, but the picture is doubled and the colors are separated. What could be the problem?

Answer : Your TV is out of Convergence. This is the most common problem for 3 to 6 year old Rear Projection TVs. Most Rear Projection TVs have Convergence adjustment features. If you are unable to perform Convergence Correction using your TV remote control, most likely the Convergence Correction Circuit has failed. Give us a call and one of our Convergence experts will fix it.

Question :What is the most common problem with DLP/LCD Projection TV?

Answer :The most common problem with LCD/DLP Projection TVs is a lamp failure. If you own such a product, the only suggestion is to buy extended warranty and if you already did, make sure that your Extended Service Policy (ESP) covers lamp replacement.

Question :Is a Carry-In Service available?

Answer :Yes, it is. If you bring your TV to our service facility, the onsite service charge will be cancelled. So that we are prepared to accept delivery, please give us a call prior to bringing in your TV to our service location.

Question :Is a Same-Day-Service available?

Answer :Yes, it is. We cannot guarantee that we can fix your TV the same day though. We do guarantee that a technician will come down to your home and perform troubleshooting.

Question :Do you take credit cards?

Answer :Yes, we do. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash.